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  • Good Agreements Make Good Neighbors
    December 13, 2013

    In a major metropolitan setting, open space can be hard to come by. In New York City, the facades of many residential and commercial buildings extend right up to the property line, or near enough to prevent access to some exterior walls without encroaching on neighboring properties. As a result, it is often extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make repairs or renovations to an existing structure without physically entering onto an adjoining parcel.

  • BIM: Building Information Modeling and Construction Projects
    December 13, 2013

    In recent years, construction projects have seen increasing benefits from the use of advanced planning and design technologies. One such technology is Building Information Modeling (known as “BIM”), and it is helping cut costs for owners and streamline project development.

  • How to Win Work in 2011
    January 1, 2011

    And there may be little disruption to the active self-funded capital program that Montclair State University, thanks in part to a new law enacted in New Jersey in 2009, says Gregory Bressler, v.p. for university facilities. In addition to a new 130,000-sq-ft new business school and 100,000-sq-ft science research facility, both of which are set to go to bid next spring, the university is taking advantage of the new law to outsource the financing, design, construction, and operation of new facilities whose cost can be covered by future “revenue” streams.

  • Deregulation of Rent-Stabilized Units
    December 1, 2010

    Delivering a crushing blow to an already distressed real estate market, New York's highest court recently issued a landmark decision in Roberts v. Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P. Depending on how the state's lower courts apply Roberts, the owners could be on the hook for tens of millions if dollars in rent rebates to tenants who were charged market-rate rents.

  • Foreign Investments Help Fund Commercial Development
    September 1, 2010

    In the wake of the financial meltdown and subsequent signs of economic recovery, opportunities are becoming more prevalent for those looking to diversify and expand their investments. Luckily, there are various ways to acquire funding for development projects that are both available and underutilized. The Employment-Based visa program is one such tool, particularly the EB-5 visa category. 

  • Three Strategies For Dealing With Balking Purchasers
    July 1, 2009

    In today's residential real estate market, balking purchasers are a major challenge for developers. Developers have several tools to counter these increasingly common and harmful tactics and achieve their primary objectives of avoiding costly disputes, capitalizing on their investment and compelling balking purchasers to comply with the agreements they signed.

  • Avoiding and Documenting Construction Claims
    July 1, 2009

    Today's marketplace presents new challenges to both owners and contractors during the construction process. The most important steps that both parties to a construction project can take to mitigate these risks, at least to some degree, are to know their contracts, implement procedures to administer those contracts effectively, and document their progress on the project.