Giuliano Iannaccone and Gina Piazza Author Women’s Wear Daily Article on Litigation Trends Brands Need to Know to Mitigate Risk

August 23, 2017

International and Retail Group chair and Italy practice co-chair Giuliano Iannaccone and Italy practice co-chair and International and Retail Group partner Gina Piazza co-authored an article in Women’s Wear Daily titled, "Litigation Trends Brands Need to Know Now to Mitigate Risk.”

The article noted that doing business in the United States comes with increased risk and exposure, and highlighted several litigation and enforcement trends that are impacting the U.S. retail sector. These trends include ADA web site accessibility, New Jersey’s Truth in Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act, deceptive pricing and “predictive scheduling” legislation. The authors also explored the implications of past trends that remain relevant to retailers, such as California’s Song Beverly Credit Card Act and the changing penalties and guidelines surrounding gift cards and consumer credits. Finally, the authors discussed why brands must be proactive in dealing with compliance and how engaging a full-time compliance officer and implementing a strong compliance program can lead to reduced legal costs and help businesses focus on their brands. To read the full article, click here.

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