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Gabriel Levinson Quoted in the New York Post

September 19, 2012

Gabriel Levinson was quoted in the New York Post article " The party's over - buildings, clubs at odds over bottles" on September 19. The article addresses the rising lawsuits and insurance costs for building owners in the aftermath of the Chris Brown-Drake bottle-throwing incident at SoHo nightclub W.I.P on June 14.

Gabriel, who represents nightlife owners and operators as well as building owners, was quoted as saying "The fallout from the fights over the bottles has just begun." He noted that building owners should be including lease-termination clauses that automatically force out the club if it's shut down by police or for other reasons.  He also mentioned "There is a lot of risk to leasing out space for a restaurant, bar or a club, but the owners can charge more because the clubs make a quarter-million gross on a Friday night" and "that is why bottle service is so successful and club owners are fighting for it."

Gabriel is an attorney in the Litigation Practice Group. His practice focuses primarily on commercial, real estate, and corporate litigation. He represents, among others: nightlife and restaurant owners, operators, and developers; commercial and residential real estate owners, operators, and developers; asset management firms; financial and real estate investors; a New York City restaurant group; design professionals; entrepreneurs; artists; and high net-worth individuals.

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