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National Law Journal 2015
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Built with the goal in mind of being a solution for middle market businesses and growing companies, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin recognized a broad gap exists between large, legal powerhouses (Big Law) and small or boutique firms (Small Law). Both have their place and serve a need, but are not necessarily well balanced for companies that fall in the middle market sector.

Big Law has sophistication and seemingly unlimited resources to handle a variety of client needs, but comes with its concomitant high fees and competition with other firm clients for direct, hands-on attention. Small Law brings one or two niche areas of service, but companies often find themselves piecing together a collection of smaller firms, with more reasonable fees, to service their full spectrum of needs. This often results in the loss of cohesion, which is a critical component to sound legal advice.

To fill this gap, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin adopted a non-traditional philosophy for running the firm:

Organic Business Growth 
We don’t believe in growth for growth sake. Rather, we put in place a process to add service areas as the need is identified. We then hire experienced lawyers who reduce the staffing and number of attorneys required on matters for a more efficient allocation of firm resources. And because of our size, clients get more direct access to our attorneys.

Efficient Billing 
Because of how we staff, we are able to decrease the number of total hours typically billed, allowing us to offer our clients a highly competitive fee structure. Essentially, with more reasonable rates and fewer billers, clients can afford more direct access to senior attorneys when the situation requires. And, we are able to invest more time into the relationship and the business in order to be a more effective advisor to our client.

Full-Service Solution
In addition to standard law firm practice areas, we have a depth of experience in the specialty areas that middle market companies typically require. Though often found in larger firms or smaller boutiques, we have 15 diverse and well-developed areas of law to address our clients' immediate legal needs and help them plan for their long-term business goals from a holistic perspective.

National Law Journal 2015
Best Places 2014

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